Wednesday, August 1, 2012

From Central Oregon To Points Northwest!

Erik with the prize window awning.

Wayne's back problem lasted only a week this time and that was a good thing since our campsite at River Bend was reserved for the night of July 24th for a week-long rally. 

We were anxious to get going again and itching to see more of Oregon's coast.

A few days prior to our departure, the small kitchen window awning finally came in and was installed. 

Preparing to reinforce the wipe seal.
The slide cover canvas is turned back
The canvas for the awning had to match the existing awnings on the road side of the coach and it was a special order from Carefree of Colorado.  It took over two weeks for it to be shipped and another five days to arrive after shipping.

To cover the small window seemed silly expense but when the westerly sun beats in onto the Corian counter top, the resulting glare is awful and the only other option is to pull the night shade all the way down which darkens the kitchen too much. 

Because Monaco recommends it, we also had the wipe seal on the giant slide out reinforced to avoid any future problems.

We learned that our slide cover was barely being held on and
would have likely fallen off somewhere along the road.
This was warranty work and could save a repair somewhere down the road.

The drive through the Cascade Mountains from Harrisburg to Florence was not a new route as it's the same road we took last summer when we visited Coos Bay.  Leaving the campground, Wayne offered to let me drive the rig for the first time. I had only driven Mona two or three times and have not driven Endie at all till now.  With the scare of his back problem, Wayne has finally come to realize that I need to be able to drive the rig comfortably in the event of an injury or accident. I drove only a short distance from Harrisburg and to Eugene, but it was a start.  I left the narrow, two lane road through Siuslaw National Forest to Wayne. 

At Florence we headed north on US 101 and it wasn't long until we caught a glimpse of the Pacific Ocean.

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