Sunday, August 26, 2012

Ferndale and Bellingham, Washington: Recovery Time

We regained our wits from the dreadful border crossing at a cute little campground called Nor' Easter RV Park in Ferndale, Washington.  Ferndale was originally named "Jam" because of it's location near a logjam along the Nooksack River. Fortunately, somebody got wise and renamed it. The city's new name came from a patch of wild ferns growing around an old schoolhouse.  These stories are just too outrageous to have been made up.

Ferndale is due east of the North Cascades National Park and enjoys a great view of Mount Baker.

About 30 miles east of here, Mount Baker is home to many snowboarding champions.  This area  holds the world record for greatest amount of snowfall in one season (winter 1998–1999). During most years snow depths exceed 12 feet and often results in the closure of the ski area before the end of the winter months.

During the few days we stayed at Ferndale we explored nearby Bellingham.  The Bridges of Madison County (the book, but not the movie) actually begins in Bellingham with the photographer being from here.  I guess they didn't need that part in the movie, produced by and staring Clint Eastwood.

The Alaska Ferry Terminal is located in the Fairhaven section of Bellingham. This serves as the southern terminus of the Alaska Marine Highway.  The ferry service from here offers vehicle and passenger service north to Ketchikan, Alaska and points north.

The Kennicott was loading for ferry service north into Alaska.
While we were in Squamish, BC last week we talked at length with a neighbor who had taken his rig up the Northwest Passage by one of these ferries. He talked about how much fun he and his wife had getting off the ferry for a few days at various places.  It made us think about the possibility of making the trip. The price would be upwards of $5000 round trip for our rig, depending on the Alaska destination.  We'll just keep thinking 'bout it.

The Fairhaven section of Bellingham is quaint and nostalgic.
Another nice stop at Bellingham was Squalicum Harbor where we stopped for a dog walk and enjoyed some nice marine scenery.

The sailboat part of the marina.

With Mount Baker peeking over the closer mountain range.

At some point along the way, we spotted this rig and thought we should send it to a friend, Tom, who has been looking for a truck camper.  He didn't get back with us about whether or not he wanted us to make an inquiry into its purchase. 

After about three days in and around Fairhaven / Bellingham, we recovered enough to move along. We're headed to nearby Whidbey Island now.  Hope you'll join us there.

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  1. Had no idea there were so many water vessels, but when you look at the map and see so much water it's a wonder they can navagate. The scenery is just breath taking. So glad you are sharing these with us. Me