Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Delayed Christmas with Harley and Buddy

Traveling over the Christmas holiday, followed by the bitter cold spell, our Christmas with the Grandchildren had to be delayed. We finally gave Harley and Buddy their presents and took them to lunch at Captian D's.

They are sure full of energy. Buddy used some of his Christmas money to buy new "skate" shoes. The salesgirl helped him count money.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Huntsville - 2010 RV Show

Saturday, January 23 was RV Show day in Huntsville. We spent the day looking at motorhomes and I must say, we have the fever. Even our delictable lunch (standing up) of fried foods was good!

Yet another RV Show will be held in Nashville next weekend and we'll go to it too!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

House For Sale

Our house is officially for sale. We had a showing the first afternoon it was on the MLS. There are two signs in the front yard, one is my FSBO and the other is the American Heritage Realtor sign showing Daniel Rotoni's name and number. He has turned out to be a really nice fellow and I think we'll enjoy working with him. Now if we can just get this house sold!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Wash, Wax and Rain

On Wednesday afternoon I decided this was a good time and place to wash the camper. With my $10 wash permit, I tackled the job with gusto while Wayne worked diligently to get reception on the satellite. My job was a big one as the camper was filthy. I got it done finally, but Wayne wasn't so fortunate with getting tv reception.

Thursday morning, with continued mild weather, I dug out the wax and proceeded to polish the front and rear caps. That job was another big one, but I got 'er done borrowing a ladder from Jerry Heston to reach the highest points.

During the early morning hours Friday, the rain moved in and saturated everything, making me glad I got the job complete. We made a run to the WalMart in Gainesville for RV Anti-Freeze. We'll have to winterize Evie again before we drop her off in Franklin Sunday night. The temperature is forcast to be 18 Sunday night -- 16 Monday night. Ugh.