Monday, July 4, 2016

Our Sixth Year On The Road.....

From Bigfork Motorcoach Resort, Bigfork, Montana       Today marks the end of our sixth year traveling full time.

Six years ago last night we slept, for a final time, in our Franklin, Tennessee home. All our furniture and excess belongings had been sold or donated by that time. A contract on our house would be finalized within a few days -- executed through a power of attorney. We had no debt, no worries, no regrets and were truly unencumbered. We celebrated our personal Independence the next morning, July 4, as we struck out on our retirement journey.

So today we reached another milestone bringing our total retirement RV travel to a whopping 54,109 fun-filled miles.

The 6,418 mile sixth year travel began in Tennessee and took us to North Carolina, Alabama, through Mississippi without stopping, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado (briefly), Utah and Montana, in that order.

For three months of the sixth year we traveled with our friends Joyce and Charlie, seven with Pam and Ernie.  For that reason, a good number of my favorite pictures this year include the four of them.

Our plan to travel Alaska with Pam, Ernie and a few other couples was aborted when Pam's mother became ill. Disappointed? Not really. There's so much yet to see and enjoy here in the lower 48 and Alaska will still be there another year.

And so today, wishing everyone a happy Independence Day, we begin the 7th Lucky Year!