Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Blah, Blah, Blah-ing Comments

Lexie (L) and Ozzie (R)
Enjoying another day out.
Okay, for those who've privately inquired about the obnoxious and arrogant lecture I received recently in blog comments, let me say, I too was bewildered when I read it.

I suppose every now and again someone comes along who has an uncontrollable need to give advice on what they think others should do in life.

If you missed it, Doug and Sheila's comment / missive to my post titled "Depoe Bay: World's Smallest Harbor" states, "It is such a shame that you are missing so much in your travels. You have mentioned several times now about not seeing things because of the dogs. Why don't you put them in a crate in the motorhome? They will stay cool with the A/C and should last all day without needing to go out. They can't chew anything while you are gone if they are in a crate and if you leave a radio on they probably won't bark either. This would allow you to see the things you are missing and it won't hurt the dogs at all. You shouldn't let the dogs control your life to this extent."

I don't know the commentator(s), identified as Doug and Sheila though they have given advice on several other of my posts before this one.  The blog is somewhat a public forum, however, and anyone who is interested in it may leave comments. I invite comments,  look forward to receiving them and most are enjoyable to receive. Of course, this one was not enjoyable. It was, instead, simply stupid unsolicited advice by uninformed people with little else to do with their own time.

Not to worry -- Wayne and I have not and will not succumb to Doug and Sheila's instruction to "put them in a crate".  Instead we will continue to go along our merry way, enjoying our retirement travel, seeing and doing absolutely everything we want to see and do -- happily with Lexie and Ozzie in tow.


  1. It seems like I touched a nerve! I'm sorry that I offended you. That was not my intention. We follow another blog of Judy and Emma and she crates her big dog when she goes places and I thought it might be a solution for you too. We have just been at Mesa Verde and took the trails and the tours and had a great and informative time seeing the relics here and the history. You were here earlier and did not leave the parking lots because of the dogs. You missed a great experience. Your comment that you are seeing everything that you want to see feels like a justification to me but to each her own. You will certainly do things your way and that is fine but I was just trying to suggest a way that you could have a richer experience. Sorry for offending you.

  2. We need not "justify" anything we do and it seems you touched a nerve and offended many. don't know Judy and Emma and I don't care what she does with her big dog.

    Our experiences are rich, rewarding and all our own. The blog is not a letter to "Dear Abby". Please do not feel you must advise.

  3. We crate our dogs. That is our choice. You do not crate--That is your choice.

    It is NOT the mission of someone else to lecture you or convince you to do something different.

    Your life--- Your dogs---- Your choice.