Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Waldport, Oregon: Crabbers Paradise

We drove only to Waldport the day we left Harrisburg, Oregon.  This was Wayne's first day of driving since his back problem, so we sure didn't want to press our luck. 

Along the way, driving north from Florence on US 101, we passed many beautiful viewpoints and places we want to explore.  Our stop at McKinley's RV Park in Waldport will be close enough to take a day drive back along this road in the car for a closer look tomorrow.  We'll also take a short twenty mile drive north to explore Newport in the car.
McKinley's is situated at the mount of Alsea River on Alsea Bay.
Crabbing is real big here. 

Our coach is facing Alsea Bay -- about half-way along the row (black front).

Our site at McKinley's Marina & RV Park at Waldport, Oregon.
Crab cookings, crab boat rentals and all the equipment available here.
Great places to walk the dogs too.  About a half-mile from the town of Waldport.

Yes, we're in a Tsunami evacuation area... but aren't the hydranga beautiful. And they match the sign color so well.
Still dedicated to my morning walks, I wasn't disappointed here at Waldport.  Each morning was a different route and here's some more of what I saw...
Ready to walk. 

Did I mention that crabbing is real "big" here? 
Stuff like this lying around everywhere.

From the bridge over the bay.

Wildflowers on the roadside.

Just feeling like Daisy Clover for this one.

Moss grows deep onto everything around here.

I don't know what this is but there's lots of it.

A typical home in this area.


  1. The pink flower is called foxglove.

    1. I see so many beautiful wildflowers along the road but rarely know what they are! Thanks for identifying this one.