Thursday, August 2, 2012

Depoe Bay: World's Smallest Harbor

Leaving Waldport early in the morning we caught this exciting glimpse of sea lions and seals resting  on the sand below the Alsea Bay Bridge at low tide.  At first we thought we were seeing just so many rocks on the beach, but then, with just enough time to point and click two pictures, we got 'em!

These two photos were taken quickly through my passenger side coach window. 
I was really surprised they turned out well enough to see the seals.

We hadn't gone far (north on US 101) until we drove into the small picturesque town of Depoe Bay. I couldn't help noticing the "Clam Chowder" sign on a small storefront and as luck would have it, a nice long place to pull the rig off on the side of the road was right in front of us.

A hearty bowl of really good clam chowder.
Depoe Bay boasts the distinction of being the "worlds smallest harbor" and it is very small. Several "whale watching" boats advertise outings for whale sightings. The prices seemed reasonable and several offered a guarantee of seeing a whale.  Little white dogs in strollers aren't allowed on whale watching boats so we didn't go out.

In addition to enjoying delicious gluten-free clam chowder (yes it really was good), we stopped in several shops and, as usual, bought nothing.  We then stretched our bodies over the bridge rail to see the dock "goings on" below us.

Part of Depoe Bay harbor.  Whale watching ships leave from here.

We are standing on the bridge directly over this harbor seafood dock.
The two people in this picture are processing (killing) the huge, beautiful dungeness crab you see in the boxes nearby.
It was a dreadfully cruel sight to see.
I'm convinced.

Depoe Bay homes directly above giant sea washed gaps.
I wonder if any of them ever fall in.

The beautiful Pacific is behind me in this picture. Depoe Bay is directly across the street from where I'm sitting.

We saw three seals frolicking in the water below where Wayne is standing.
Our stop at Depoe Bay was relaxing and filling.  From here, we'll continue out trek northward, still hugging Oregon's coast on US 101.


  1. "Little white dogs in strollers aren't allowed on whale watching boats so we didn't go out."

    It is such a shame that you are missing so much in your travels. You have mentioned several times now about not seeing things because of the dogs. Why don't you put them in a crate in the motorhome? They will stay cool with the A/C and should last all day without needing to go out. They can't chew anything while you are gone if they are in a crate and if you leave a radio on they probably won't bark either. This would allow you to see the things you are missing and it won't hurt the dogs at all. You shouldn't let the dogs control your life to this extent.

  2. We do EVERYTHING we like to do. What we would not do is leave the coach parked on the side of a busy highway and take a half-day boat excursion.

  3. Your statement, "You shouldn't let the dogs control your life to this extent" really isn't anything to concern you. If it bothers you, please don't read it.

  4. Love all the food pics! Even if I can't taste them they still make my mouth water. We both love all that seafood - enjoy it all for us, too!