Saturday, June 30, 2012

Dickie Jo's Burgers

Five Guys and In-N-Out Burger have met their match! At least in Eugene, Oregon that is.

Dickie Jo's Burgers (wholesome through and through) are scrumptious and we love them. We found Dickie Jo's in Eugene last summer when we were here and had the terrible experience with Aspen Dental.  Dickie Jo's is next door to Aspen Dental. 

We've been back to Dickie Jo's three or four times this summer and we've not been disapointed.  While we can't take Lexie and Ozzie inside, of course, we almost always put them into their stroller and eat at one of the sidewalk picnic tables.  

Dickie Jo's employees all wear t-shirts with "Lucky 1952" printed on the backs.  That's the year Dickie and Jo married. They've been in various restaurant enterprises in and around Eugene ever since.

Lemonade, the usual and a superb pink version is available for self-service. Soft serve ice cream too. All the breads are homemade and the burgers are served in something that looks like a coffee filter. This is suppose to hold the burger together without much success.

Our latest visit was just yesterday where I snapped this picture of Wayne with Lexie and Ozzie.  No, the pups don't get even a bite of burger meat -- but they enjoy watching the goings on.  And yes, they always get a treat for being good.

Check 'em out at  And do plan to try one when you are in this area.   I don't think you'll be disapointed.


  1. That's too funny! We live in Eugene and keep talking about going to Dickie Jo's and just haven't made it there yet. Your recommendation may just be the tipping point to get us there.

  2. Hey, Dickie Jo's here! Thanks for coming in. We really appreciate it. We are lucky since 1952 but we are also lucky to have people like you. Thanks a ton.

    1. We're in south Florida for winter, but you can bet your Burger, Dickie Jo's, that we'll be eatin' at your place again in summer!