Lexie and Ozzie

Our first day.
Learning to walk on a leash. 
Here, she weighs 5.6 pounds

"I hate this sweater. I hate this grass too." 
Everything she does these next few days is part of her learning process.

Waiting for Pop.

The first week.  Learning to walk / run on the leash.
Rolling around on her back in her new bed.
Taken the first week.

Lexie loved exploring the rear of the car.

Wearing her blanket.

I have taken hundreds of pictures of Lexie.  In most of them she does not look at the camera.  She does not look at us often.  We rarely make eye contact even though we try. Lexie is too scared.

During the first few days we had to corral Lexie to catch her.  Then we realized that she would let us approach her when she was in her new green bed. So we began keeping her bed in the same place and we would "herd" her into it every time we needed pick her up. 
Lexie thinks it's funny.
Ozzie is a centerfold
Christmas outfits 2010
Ozzie asleep wearing his Snuggie

"Get me outta here"
Okay... we're looking at the camera.
Ozzie on the left, Lexie on the right.

"Lexie, Mom said to look at the camera"

Smalley furkinds. Lexie in front, Ozzie in the rear.

Ozzie with a dental chew.
Taken in December 2011