Friday, December 4, 2015

Chomp On Swamp Tour

From Betty's RV Park, Abbeville, Louisiana     Joyce, Charlie, Pam, Ernie, Wayne and I were enthusiastic about taking a Louisiana swamp tour. The only issue became which day to go.  We had to choose a sunny day to increase our chances of seeing alligator who might be out to sun themselves while the temperature was low.

Pam made the calls and arranged our tour time and date with Champagne Swamp Tours at Breaux Bridge. We mispronounced the name by saying it like it's said most places. But this is Cajun Louisiana and so CHAMPAGNE is pronounced "Chomp On" by these folks. We obliged by learning the correct pronunciation. The Chomp On Swamp Tour would take us around  Lake Martin Cypress Island Preserve.

The Champagne (Chomp On) guy (L) with our gang, Charlie, Pam, Ernie, Joyce, Wayne and me. 

Our guide is Bobby. He's Cajun

Bobby gets the flat bottom swamp boat lined up for us to go aboard. 
The boat seated about 16 people but the six of us were the only ones for this tour -- until a group of three Australian guys joined us midway through the tour. They were delivered to us by another boat.

Cypress knees coming up from the water. 

Joyce and Pam at the ready with their cameras. 

Looking over Charlie's head. 

Our first gator sighting.
This one was about 4 feet long and was reluctant to move even though we were close. 

That's pretty close. 

Louisiana Swamp Yacht

Return to the dock at Champagne (Chomp On) Swamp Tours.

The complete tour took about two hours and was well worth whatever the price paid. This evening Betty has a crawfish boil lined up for us. Yum. Can't wait.

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