Sunday, December 20, 2015

Black Jack's Crossing Lajitas Golf Resort

From Maverick RV Park at Lajitas, Terlinqua, Texas     Oh my goodness! We've found ourselves at the outstanding Black Jack's Crossing Golf Course!  Ranked by Texas Outside as the "Number One Resort Course in Texas" this course, designed by Lanny Wadkins, winner of the 1977 PGA Championship winner, has some views that cross somewhere between "breathtaking, awesome, stupendous and unbelievable".... And we got a birds eye view from all 18 spectacular holes today.

Named after U.S. Army General, "Black Jack" Pershing who pursued Pancho Villa across the Rio Grande, Black Jack's Golf Course design embraces the historical features of the land with the stunning setting of Big Bend National Park. In short, this is a work of art.

One of our fabulous foursome, Ernie, took a little spill that left him with an sore ribcage, so we didn't play the course. Instead, three of us: Pam, Wayne and I, took a golf cart tour.

First, I'll share some of my favorites of the photos we took.

Wayne, Pam and me with the Rio Grande in the background. 

I didn't realize Pam has a phobia of heights. She held on for dear life at every incline and curve. 

With ball and T in hand, we were ready to play.....

Out of bound balls go international.... right into Mexico. 

Although the cart path was well placed and smooth concrete, the inclines were steep and the drop offs were dramatic. Pam opted to sit out the back nine. I had not realized her fear of heights was that intense and I felt bad that we had joked about it.  Wayne and I pressed on, making our way to the highest and farthest points of the "Black Tees".... Such beautiful sights...

Overlooking the Rio Grande and Mexico 

The Rio Grande and Mexico in the background here too. 

Can you see the flag? 

There is a cart on the fareway below.  Almost too small to see from here. 

Considering a border crossing..... naahhh. 

 Mexico - fifty yards to the left. 

Roadrunner. I couldn't resist. My best shot. 
Before we arrived, we watched the aerial video of Black Jack's Crossing Golf Course and knew we would need to see this course first hand.  You might like to see it the aerial video too.

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