Friday, December 4, 2015

Betty's RV Park Crawfish Boil

From Betty's RV Park, Abbeville, Louisiana       This campground is legendary among RV'ers. Betty is an RV'ers delight as she enjoys her being with her guests and does everything she can to make their stay enjoyable and memorable.  This was our first visit with Betty. To our surprise, she forgave us quickly for the damage we'd done in the front yard. Yes, it's true, we paid for the repair but she didn't have to be so gracious about it all and indeed, she was so kind and concerned at our expense.

Betty's RV Park 
As I mentioned in an earlier post, Betty and the other guests at the park were happy to help direct Pam, Ernie, Charlie, Joyce, Wayne and me to the best sights, sounds and food in the area.  It came as no surprise that Betty coordinated a crawfish / shrimp boil for us. Each couple order the amounts we wanted and Betty called the order in to the local crawfish place.

Betty's RV Park Patio 

Once the rain stopped the night after our arrival, the weather turned downright cold and it stayed cool for the best part of the week we were in Abbeville, but we made the best of it. Betty's outdoor patio was abandoned for the inside patio that was heated and filled with long tables. It's where we had our crawfish boil.

Betty's RV Park outside patio

The outside of Betty's place is worth taking time to see. Lots of decorations, plaques, plants and odd pieces make up a kind of eclectic garden. I took a few pictures.

The night of the crawfish boil, we had new arrivals to the campground and I can't remember all their names for the photos. It was the day we had taken the swamp tour. What a great experience all this has been.

Going around the table.... Ernie, Pam, the others I don't know. Betty is at the head of the table. Bernie is beside her -- his wife, Dodo is standing. Dark hair is Merlene and her husband Dan. I don't know the couple at the near right. 

Joyce, Wayne and I sat at a small round table to have sufficient elbow room. 

Charlie with his shrimp and crawfish.

Ernie and Pam 

At the evening's end, all the leftover crawfish from our group was dumped into my large bowl and I brought them home to clean and save for another time. From the large bowl in the picture below, about 1 cup of crawfish meat was netted from my effort.

Betty was disappointed at the size of crawfish from the Quik Mart. She would be quick to tell them so too. It's early in crawfish season so we weren't surprised at the tiny mudbugs.

The following picture was taken from the coach window when we left Betty's RV Park in Abbeville, but I wanted to share it here because it shows the crawfish traps in the flooded rice field.

The red dots are tops of crawfish traps.

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