Sunday, April 21, 2013

Whistle Stop

In Franklin, North Carolina we made one of those "have to" stops to get a repair made to the car's computer.  I call it a computer because I don't know what it really is. It's the screen that has navigation, phone, climate and entertainment in one system.  It's all touch screen and I hate it. Furthermore, it probably knows I hate it and so it went out just to spite me.  The only good thing about the whole system is that it has a "back up" camera that helps me back up a little straighter. 

On US Highway 441 in Franklin, NC

We stayed three nights at Whistle Stop Antique Mall and Campground.  Cost $20 (no tax?) per night for 50 amp full hookup.  There are absolutely NO frills -- just basic service.

It's only about a 10-12 space campground. All asphalt, good satellite signal and convenient to all of Franklin!

As we're not antiquers, I can't say if shopping at the Whistle Stop Antique Mall was good or if it wasn't.  It was a clean and seemingly well managed place though.  Lots of old equipment was parked on the property. Some of it was for sale.  

What I am qualified to talk about is pork barbecue.  The photo below is of the tiny Cash's Barbecue stand at one end of the campground on the Whistle Stop property.  It is, without a doubt, the best pulled pork barbecue I have ever eaten. The baked beans were the same --- stupendous!  I'd go back just to eat there.

During winter months Cash's closes at 2:30.
It's a lunch only place -- no dinner.

I took this picture sometime after the 2:30 (closing time) at Cash's.  From about 10:45 'till 1:30, customers are lined up to place their orders.  There's no dining room but some outside tables with umbrellas and 5-6 patio tables inside the small green building.  Everything in and around this little food stand is clean and neat.  But most importantly... the food is too good to miss if you are in Franklin, North Carolina. 

Oh! About the car: the computer had to be replaced and we learned it's a common problem.  Ours was still under warranty and the service we received  at Franklin Ford was excellent. 

All in all, it's been a good stop except for the steady rain the morning of departure. And it gets worse, but that's a subject for the next post.   

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