Thursday, April 4, 2013

Twins On The Way!

Wayne's son and his wife are expecting twins.

This news we learned last fall while we were at Auburn. We were on our way to the Auburn / Texas A&M pep-rally when the call came. How thrilling!

These will increase the total number of grandchildren to five!

Of course it's best not to get too excited in the beginning so we just held our news close to our hearts and waited.

The soon-to-be proud parents took their time in getting 'round to growing their family; married nearly seven years, both well into their 30's. But that's a good thing. They'll be ready for a double load of parenting. Anyway, the time has come to start feeling the excitement as the delivery date will be set this week.

We rarely make a retirement travel schedule as we generally just roll along in whatever direction we please. This year, however, we made a plan to attend three rallies -- none of which would be within 100 miles of where the twins will be born. Dilemma.

Resolution to Dilemma: Once we know the exact delivery date.... I suppose we'll just stop everything and go!

I borrowed the ultrasound image posted on Facebook to add to our retirement travel scrapbook (aka the blog).

Some of the first photos of twins, Barbara and Jude
Named for her mother and his very good friend

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  1. Super exciting news and how great to have a boy and a girl on the way. I am sure you will dissolve the travel dilemma quite easily once the date grows nearer.