Saturday, April 20, 2013

Clemson: Some Other Tigers

The tiger is the most prevalent of all college mascot animal choices.  I know this to be a fact because it was a trivia question on ESPN last year -- and I knew the correct answer.

Wayne and I are Auburn Tigers. (Wayne would say Auburn Tigers are the real Tigers.) His parents met on the Auburn Campus in the mid 1940's and Wayne is a 1972 graduate. Auburn's tiger mascot is Aubie.

Because we lived for a time in Baton Rouge, we're quite familiar with the LSU Tigers too, who's tiger mascot is Mike.

But there's another Tiger mascot -- the Clemson Tiger who's been around since 1954. The photograph on the right is of the Clemson Tiger.  I read that he doesn't have a name -- just the Clemson tiger.  

We had a brief visit at Clemson University this week while we camped a couple of nights in Piedmont. A stop at this South Carolina historical marker gave us a good overview of the important history of Clemson University.


Clemson University Timeline Highlights

1893 - Clemson Agricultural College's student enrollment was 446

1900 - John Heisman, in his first year as head coach, led Clemson’s football team to its first undefeated season and conference championship.

1917 - The entire senior class enlisted in World War I

Clemson's athletic symbol.

1941-45 - More than 6,000 Clemson students and alumni served in WWII; 373 died, 57 from the Class of 1941. The Class of 1944 was the smallest class in Clemson history with 13 graduates.

1955 - The military system of discipline was dropped; Clemson’s first women enrolled as full-time, degree-seeking students. (The first degree granted to a woman, Margaret Marie Snider, was in 1957.)

1964 - Clemson Agricultural College was renamed Clemson University in recognition of expanded academic offerings and research pursuits

1970 - The Tiger Paw was adopted as Clemson’s athletics symbol.

2011 - enrollment was 19,900

We rode around the campus, which was impressive and rich with school spirit.  Lots of orange and purple. The weather was cooperative too.

I didn't remember until our visit but Clemson won the National Championship in 1981.

The football stadium is not completely bowled.

Tillman Hall is the name of the Clemson University clock tower building.
Auburn's clock tower is at Samford Hall.

Wayne says there are lots of similarities in Auburn and Clemson, not the least of which is that both universities bear the name of their city: Auburn, Alabama and Clemson, South Carolina.  Each also has a red brick clock tower that is significant to the school's history.
Both are land grant universities and both employed John Heisman as football coach.  There's probably some more stuff but I hesitate to ask Wayne or he'll get on one of those college trivia tears where I get more than I really want...

It's been awhile since I posted a picture of the furkids and this seemed like a good one to share.  Little Lexie is standing with her front paws on the door handle. Her pink tounge sticks out because she has no upper front teeth. Ozzie is sitting on the console between the seats. He's a real "Momma's Boy" and watched every step I took while out of the car.

Ozzie on the left, Lexie in front. Pop keeps the gang under control.
Hope you enjoyed this Clemson University visit with us. 


  1. What a wonderful tour of the University. I love the picture of the furkids.

    1. Thanks for both compliments. What might seem to be boring to many, our visits to college campuses is always fun for us -- although seeing so many young people sometimes reminds me just how old we are.