Friday, April 12, 2013

Dinner At See Wee

Late in the day after touring Fort Sumter, Ken, Nancy, Wayne and I rode six miles out Highway 17 from our Mount Pleasant campground to a tiny spec of a town named Awendaw, SC.  We wanted to eat at See Wee Restaurant.  It was highly recommended by the folks who manage the KOA Campground.

This is the outside patio at See Wee Restaurant. It is a dusty area in front of the sandy parking lot.  We ate inside.
See Wee Restaurant is not a fancy place by any stretch of imagination. It's in an old general store.  In fact, I read that the general store opened in 1920 and remained a store until the building was sold to become a restaurant in 1993. There's no "theme" to the decor other than "real old"...

Our server was a treat... cute and funny. 
The restaurant's motto is "Simply Good Food". We were greeted, seated and presented with a basket of hushpuppies to nibble on while we looked over the bill-of-fare. 

That's Ken holding the basket of hushpuppies while Wayne looks up at the menu posted on the wall behind me.
The name “See Wee” comes from an Indian tribe who, in the late 1600's lived in this part of South Carolina. Many of the See Wee were sold into slavery in the West Indies. By 1715, there were fewer than 57 See Wee Indian souls remaining here. None exist today, I've read.

In the end, I ordered whole fried catfish with fried green tomatoes, sweet potato fries and yellow squash. Wayne had shrimp. For the life of me, I can't remember what Ken or Nancy ordered but I think at least one of them ordered shrimp too.

Fried pickles.

Turned out we all left See Wee a little disappointed... I can't put my finger on why exactly. The hushpuppies were good as were the fried pickle appetizer. My catfish was cooked to perfection and my side dishes met my expectation.   I think Wayne felt as though he had been coerced into ordering a larger meal than he really wanted and maybe Ken did too. Nancy's dinner was good, I think, but not outstanding.

After the meal, we ordered two desserts that were extremely disappointing: bread pudding that was cold and dry and banana pudding that arrived absent the bananas or vanilla wafers that make it banana pudding

A larger-than-planned dinner tab after an unpleasant dessert experience just doesn't sit well, I guess.

Tomorrow we're going to the famous Charleston Market Place.

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