Friday, May 4, 2012

Leaving Okie and Meeting With Friends Again

Leaving Norman on a Saturday morning the skies were overcast but the temperature and traffic were mild.

There are plenty of well-known folks who hail from Oklahoma.  Among them: country musician Garth Brooks.  Driving through Oklahoma City's outskirts we passed this sign...

As we continued onto I-40 we found ourselves driving along the route of the Chisholm Trail. 

Mid-day we stopped in to look around at an Indian Trading Post (really just a gift shop) where I found two T-shirts I couldn't live without. One has Oklahoma on the front; the other, Route 66.  No doubt you'll see them in later posts. Incidentally, since leaving Oklahoma City, we are traveling along Route 66 and trying to learn more about it's history and the landmarks along it.
A really big sign at the trading post.

Some of the really nice vehicles parked at the trading post.

Is this an oil derrick? Did I spell that right? 

I love seeing the super sized wind turbines. They're never as good in a photograph as in real life.

The countryside along I-40 in western Oklahoma.

These round hay bales shimmered like gold in the sunshine.

I wish I could say we stopped at the National Route 66 Museum, but we didn't. 
I have to work on Wayne about this.

The soil is bright red here and the land is "wide open" .... We're about to leave Oklahoma and go into Texas.

Thank you. We're glad to be here.

Me thinks it's gonna fall over.

It was still dry, warm and sunny when we stopped at a Texas Welcome Center which was some 100 miles into the state along I-40. We ate dinner, walked the dogs and found the dry hot wind to be a formidable foe. This is where I checked our email and found a message from my friend Marcella. She and Landon are heading east from Albuquerque toward home in Ohio. Whoa! We're on a collision course!  This is great!  Meeting up with friends as we travel is always fun and we've been looking forward to seeing Marcella and Landon again ever since we parted in Utah last September.

Through a few emails, we determined we'd rendezvous in Amarillo where Wayne and I will arrive first and find a suitable campground.  Landon and Marcella arrived the next afternoon! 
Psycho.  No shower for me, thank you. I saw what happened when Janet Leigh took a shower at Bates Motel.

I guess as a take-off of the Cadillac Ranch, we came upon this oddity at an Amarillo campground.
It's an old motorhome stuck, nose-down, into the ground.

Mid-afternoon, the blast of Landon's Hadleys as they came into the campground was music to my ears! 


Landon, walking BJ, the wonder Beagle
Feeding our faces and our spirits!

Darn camera.

We've decided to visit Palo Duro Canyon tomorrow. Excursions are always fun!

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