Monday, May 30, 2011

More Friends and Fun at Mountain Gate

This is our third weekend here at Mountain Gate RV Park near Shasta Lake, Dam and Mountain. While the weather has been awful, the people we've met have more than made up for it.  It's Memorial Day Weekend and Saturday was a day of welcome sunshine!

Wayne and I haven't done anything particularly spectacular lately, but have enjoyed doing NOTHING. That's the thing we've found about full-time RVing; sometimes we just want to relax.  In doing so, we have opportunities to meet new people. 
This is Mike with Wayne.
Mike is the real live Redding Chamber of Commerce

We had another ladderball tournament with DJ and Tom early in the day. As usual, I had the absolute lowest score and this isn't golf, so that means I lost -- badly.  I am a good sport about it though.
Wayne is quite good at ladderball.

DJ stood in the flower bed to get a real good shot.

Tom was the champ today, I think

Yours truly.
There was a little excitement a few days ago when the colorful "Jelly Belly" coach stopped in at the campground for the night.  It seems the folks who travel in it do special events promoting the fun little jelly beans advertised all over the coach and car.  They were giving out jelly beans and I think the kids in the park had a blast. 
I didn't take the picture of the Jelly Belly coach as it pulled out early the next morning, to my surprise.  A nice couple we met shared their Jelly Belly photo with me.   He is Gary and she is Janis.  We visited with them and once again are reminded how much fun it is to travel full time and meet terrific people. 

Gary.  I didn't get a better photo and I'm sorry. 

Gary and Janis will be pulling out this morning. DJ and Tom will stay on here for at three more days. Waynd and I are unable to make a decision about what to do next.  We just want more sunshine.

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