Friday, May 27, 2011

Redding: Second Sunniest City in America

That's a true statement according to the Redding Chamber of Commerce brochure.  I so needed to be in some sunshine. There've been so many rainy, damp cool days in California. Incidentally, the sunniest city is Yuma and I certainly can believe that.  However, while in Redding, we've had at least 6 days of rain, mist and cool weather in the two and a half weeks we've been here.  During Monday's full day of rain, I even washed the car.
DJ took this picture. She thinks I'm nuts. I was going stir crazy.
One of the rare sunny days. Us on the left. Tom and DJ on the right.
That's Tom with a cup of coffee. Thanks for the picture, DJ.
One of our many daily walks. Notice the "poop" bag I'm carrying. 
Lexie was not housebroken when we got her, but it's amazing how quickly she caught on.
All we had to do was take a walk every two hours for the first two months. 
I almost lost weight from all the walking -- but a few dozen cookies every week helped me stay plump.

Pop has to have some snuggling too.
Yep, he's crazy over her too.

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