Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day Trip to Mendocino

Leaving San Francisco, heading north, we passed San Quinton Prison and I zoomed in to get a photo.

We traveled north along U.S. 101, stopping for two nights at Redwood Empire Fairground Camp in Ukiah, California. The campground wasn't much -- just a gravel and grass parking lot surrounded by chain link fencing. Walking Lexie in the high grass and sharp rocks was not easy. 

We took a day trip west along a dreadfully winding road through Montgomery Woods State Natural Reserve to the coast.  

The road in front of us.

We arrived at Mendocino just about noon. This was our lunch view:

There is a state park along the shoreline and the craggy cliffs and rocks jutting out of the Pacific were a terrific sight. Although the weather was warm inland, the wind off the Pacific Ocean was so cold we were unable to enjoy the seaside walking paths. We were quick to snap a few pictures...

This is a quaint town that looks like a setting for "Murder She Wrote". 

Looking down off one of the cliffs.

To fully appreciate the enormity of these cliffs, take a look at the size of the person -- to the left.

Nearby Cabrillo Point Lighthouse is a short 1/2 mile walk down a nice paved lane. As a fan of lighthouses, I urged Wayne to take the walk...

But changed our mind when we saw the Mountain Lion Danger sign.
Mountain Lions probably eat small Maltese dogs.

Don't know the name of this kind of tree but there are lots of them around here. They have such a nice canopy.

We saw several of these wild iris blooms.

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