Sunday, May 22, 2011

Our Time In Redding -- Time With Friends

Before arriving in Redding, we found several campgrounds with very nice reviews and settled on  Mountain Gate RV Park which was offering a discount on back-in sites. The sites here are scattered over a hillside and there are plenty of shade trees. Our site happens to be on top of a rise with a lovely snow-capped mountain range view. We signed on for a week and then added somemore days to that. 
The view from our front door and living room window.
Shasta Lake and Dam are closeby and we took a ride over to see them. Today's weather is overcast and breezy -- probably in the 60's without the wind.  Downright cold in the shade or along the water.
A view of Shasta dam from the lake.

Shasta Lake

Shasta is the fourth largest dam in California.

Downstream from the Shasta Lake and Dam.
The Sacremento River

We tried to walk across the dam but only went a short distance before turning around.
Maltese dogs are sensitive to cold weather and I didn't bring Lexie's sweater.
I shared my hoodie with her.

The breeze in the lake and dam area were really fragrant and I can only guess it's all these yellow blooms seen in the pictures.  Leaving the area, I tried to get a close shot of one of the many bushes growing along the roadside. 

Rain started that evening and lasted for two days straight.  We watched movies, worked on the computer, took naps, ate everything we could find.  That's some stretch of boredom.
Even Lexie was bored with all this rain.
Six daily walks in pouring rain were no fun but Lexie has a bright orange raincoat with a hood.
She doesn't love wearing it.

On our 9th day we were joined by friends Tom and DJ who we met in Maine last summer. Tom and DJ are enjoying their new motorhome for some extended RVing.
Clean that windshield, DJ! 

Our electrical-minded DJ.

Tom is a "sit down" cook.  Wayne supervises.

Fish salad, pan-fried fish, fish chowder, green salad, garlic bread and pecan pie! Yum.
Yup. Rednecks bring the toaster oven outside to bake.
Tom, DJ, Wayne and I want to see Crater Lake but learned it snowing this week with nightly temperatures in the 20's.  Gee, I just take any more cold weather so we'll stay on here in Redding for a few more days where the sun is warm and the smiles are friendly.  Besides, I'm trying to convince DJ to get a dog.  Tom is uncooperative.

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  1. Wayne ,Lexi, & Antroinette on behalf of all of us in Shasta County I have received permission to allow you to come live in Redding. Lexie and Wayne you were voted in without a hitch. I really had to Lobby for your lovely wife. Lol. I can't remember ever meeting nicer people in my life. You really touched our hearts. We look forward to meeting again. Our prayers and love will travel with you 3. Come back soon! Love Michael, Sue, and Artemus Arnold. Thanks for coming into our lives!