Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Afternoon Ladderball and Fajita Supper

A great ladderball tournament took place at our campsite this afternoon.  None of us had ever played the game but we all had seen it played. Mountain Gate RV Park offered several games for use to guests so I borrowed the set and proceeded to assemble it and read the rules.  The first few throws were at much closer distances than the rules allow, but hey! we're old and just learning after all. 
Perfect form!
Tom watches as DJ tosses

Unmatched skill by Tom. DJ has "jinxed" him.

Serious competitor - Wayne

We played a few games, one-on-one, honed our skill and built our confidence. Later we teamed up, ladies against gents.  In the end, the gentlemen won the best two of three games. Their heads swelled. We took short rest, played with Lexie, and devoured DJ's scrumptious fajitas! 
DJ and Lexie taking a breather

Dinner time for Lexie

Dinner time for people.
Yes, a shower curtain makes a great tablecloth!

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