Monday, December 13, 2010

An Update on Lexie's Social Progress

Our adorable Lexie is adjusting quite nicely into family life.  She is most comfortable being in her little bed, probably because her life until recently has been confined to such a small space in the Puppymill crate.

She and I have mastered walking on a leash, but when both Wayne and I together try to walk with her, she becomes confused and can't seem to concentrate on her walk as well -- becoming fearful and often walking in large circles. 

Lexie taking a brisk walk in the South Texas sunshine!
Tweets (treats) work well to entice her to let us pick her up although she still will not let us pick her up directly from the floor.  She will get into her bed and we pick her up from inside it. She often gets tweets when she is picked up. 
Lexie is not throwing a temper tantrum here.
She's rolling around on her back and waving her legs in the air.
Her mouth is open and you can see her sparkling white bottom teeth.

Lexie is startled and backs away anytime we approach her or make a sudden move in her direction. Even a slight sound or sudden movement causes her to jump and cower. In the last few days she has shown improvement in this area.  With regard to barking -- we've heard her bark one time so we know she can, she just doesn't, even when other dogs bark at her. She seems to be very well behaved but does like being with other dogs.  She makes dog friends much easier than she makes people friends.

Lexie's appetite is excellent and she eats Bil-Jak small dog food.  Her treats are from Bil-Jak too.  She gets excited at the smell of cooking and has started to stand on her hind legs trying to find the source of the good aroma. No table scraps though!  Never ever.  Wayne has begun a good system of teaching her to trust us and come to us by sitting on the floor and putting her dry Bil-Jak into the palm of his hand.  Skiddish at first, she eventually eats her entire meal from his hand.  Wayne has a very good natural way with animals and his soft-spoken voice and touch is winning her over slowly but surely.

Supper time!

Taking a stroll through the campground just after supper.

Car rides are good and Lexie enjoys having the fresh air blow on her face as I suppose all dogs do.  She rides on my lap and is eager to get herself stretched as far out the window as possible.

Hey Pop! Hurry. Let's go!

Exploring the back of the car.
Lots of stuff in here.

Just before she realized she could get into the back part of the car.
Lexie is wearing her Christmas blanket.

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