Thursday, December 16, 2010

Lonesome Dove - Del Rio, Texas

The drive from Zapata west to Del Rio provided a change in scenery. The small trees along the roadside are no more here -- replaced by low brush. Still more prickly pear cactus. The towns along Highway 80 are few and far between and look terribly poor.

Haven't seen these types of tanks in years...
But they're seen often along our route.

These water wells dot the landscape too.

We've seen only a few of these types of oil pumps.

Our ride took us by the Texas Information Center.
Pretty elaborate, eh?

Still more of those Border Patrol check points.
All they ask us is if we are American citizens.

The day's destination was a campground named "Lonesome Dove" a small place that seems to have been modified over and over to accomodate a variety of particular needs.  Del Rio is less than 6 miles north of the border and is the sister city to Ciudad Acuna in Mexico. The weather is perfect -- clear skies with temperatures in the 70's during the day; 40's at night. 

At Lonesome Dove Campground's Old Town Storefront

Wayne and Lexie are looking for a haircut

Lexie did not like being put into this flower pot.
No curl in her tail.
Wayne and Lexie with Bob and Dixie.
Dixie is a Shorkey puppy, full of fur and fun.
Bob and Becky were full-timer neighbors. Nice people we'd like to know better.
Hope we get to meet up with them again.

Our campsite.  Dust is everywhere. There are little "stick tights" that cause us much grief.
We stayed only two nights at Lonesome Dove Campground in Del Rio.  We took a ride to see the border crossing and had lunch at a local restaurant. 
The border crossing from Del Rio into Ciduad Acuna

You can't see the line of cars waiting to come into the US from Mexico.
The line is long.

Lunch was very good

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