Monday, December 27, 2010

Sufferin' Sciatica!

During the half-day ride last week from Del Rio to Terlinqua, Texas, Wayne began feeling some pain in his right hip and leg, down to his knee. Turns out he's suffering with his first 'bout with Sciaticia.

December 22 Update.  The sciatica is worse, moving down his right thigh into his knee.  He's in intense pain and we make a trip to the Cochise County Community Hospital E.R. in Willcox, Arizona.

December 26 Update.  The Rx Motrin and muscle relaxer the ER doc prescribed Wednesday afternoon did nothing to relieve Wayne's pain. He can't sleep, stand or walk. Early on this morning, we return to the ER which is just about 2 miles from the campground.  Three injections, a CT Scan and more Rx. This relieved the pain for the remainder of the day.  Hope it's gone for good, but we're sure some of the pain will return.

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