Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Big Bend National Park

The name Big Bend refers to the great U-turn the Rio Grande River makes. It is the Big Bend National Park southern boundary for some 118 miles.  The park encompasses more than 800,000 acres. It turned 75 years old this year and is another of our country's 390 magnificent national parks. We're seeing as many as possible and this one surely didn't disappoint.

Called the "Last Frontier of Texas" Big Bend National Park is made of three natural divisions: (1) The Rio Grande with lush green floodplain, (2) the sprawling Chihuahuan Desert and (3) the majestic Chisos Mountain Range. 

Our day trip included a drive to Santa Elena Canyon and Castolon in the desert region then to Croton Springs and the mountains of Chisos Basin.  We didn't get to the Rio Grande Region or Persimmon Gap.

I took nearly a hundred pictures and love nearly all of them.  Here are just a few of them. This area is so impressive it brings to mind all the adjectives I would consider only for the most moving of experiences.  I am so glad we came here.

Lexie loves riding so we took her along too.

This photo gives a good perspective of the sizes of the lands and mountains.
The small structure is one of the few ranch houses in the park.

I love these pink cactus. 

The Rio Grande is below.

The road to Santa Elena Canyon

Santa Elena Canyon

Approaching the Chisos Mountain area

There are narrow blackish rocks that stand erect in a row up and down the mountains -- in a line.
They are called "fins" for the obvious reason.  Some of them can be seen in the middle of this photo.

This sign is on the approach road to Chisos Basin Mountain area.
Oh yeah

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