Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A "Lifestyle" Resort in Willcox, Arizona

Our overnight stopover at Lifestyle RV Resort in Willcox, Arizona turned into a unplanned medical recovery and Christmas point. 

I didn't take any pictures of this desert treasure park but wish now that I had.  It was basically a defunct hotel / restaurant with a large gravel lot in the rear that had been converted to a campground.  The restaurant was out of business and most all the equipment was behind the building, in plain view of the campsites.  The indoor pool and hot tub were in an old part of this building and at least one window was broken out.  Don't think we'll be going for a swim or "hot tubbing" here. A "work out" room contained some equipment, but I didn't give a close examination.  The front office was a large, open room with a variety of western stuff that was for sale.

Very tall Italian Cypress trees, which I find to be the most common of all yard landscape plants, were strategically place between each of the campsites (and I use the term "campsites" loosely here).  Italian Cypress are the very tall slender evergreen shrub-like trees that many homeowners plant at the corners of their house. On the other hand, we did have water, 50 amp service and a sewer for a reasonable price.

The afternoon we arrived, I began working on our laundry, which I do only every two-three weeks now. It turned into a huge project as there were three washers and three dryers, but one washer didn't spin the clothes enough and one dryer didn't dry adequately.  I didn't know all this until I was on the second round of washing.... oh well.

Our camping neighbors were mostly middle-aged men and a few women who lived in a variety of old dilapidated campers.  Most did not speak or look directly at us and I felt uneasy making my way to and from the laundry (which was called a "laundromat" and certainly was not). Walking Lexie before sunrise and after sundown was not something I enjoyed.  The only good thing was that the rocks were an improvement over the dust and the "stick-tights" we've had at other campgrounds.

Of course, it turned out that we'd be at Lifestyle RV Resort in Willcox, Arizona for some 5 nights with Wayne's sciatica and two trips to the Cochise County Hospital emergency room.

Finally on Monday morning, Wayne felt well enough to move on toward Tuscon. We don't intend to get to that destination, but anyplace other than this one will be a welcome destination.

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