Saturday, December 18, 2010

Big Bend RV Resort - Terlingua, Texas and Little Dust Cloud

Terlinqua is the southernmost town to the entry into Big Bend National Park and we're here for a couple of nights, making day trips into the park.  The campground is unlike any we've ever visited, but it is about what you would expect for a desert campground -- all dirt and virtually no shade.  Because it's so dry here, the dirt is powdery dust and blows easily.  The dry air has eliminated almost all of our allergic and sinus problems, but it has also made our skin and lips feel very dry.  We're both virtually bathing in lotion every day. 

Everything here is covered in dust.  There are very few tourists. The scenery here is nice -- beautiful sunsets and very quiet.  Walking Lexie early this morning, I couldn't help but notice how quiet and bright it is out here. The stars are really bright.  I could hear a rooster crowing in the distance. This evening at sunset, I could fainly hear live Mexican music from a nearby restaurant. The sky was blue with pink stripes.

We've given Lexie a new Indian name: Little Dust Cloud.  She shakes herself and because she is so lightweight, her little hind legs leave the ground causing the dust to boil up around her. 

The daytime temperatures are in the mid 70's, nights in the 40's.  I know we'll be tired of the dust within a day or two, but it is nice for a short time.
Our campsite. Christmas mountain in the background.
Our view.

Southerly view

Late afternoon - sunset.

Greasewood Grocery Store

Little Dust Cloud (Lexie)

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