Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Living Dangerously: Zapata, Texas and Falcon Lake

In October of this year, an American man was murdered while he and his wife were jet-skiing in the water of Falcon Lake which lies on the American and Mexican border. The incident was covered in detail by all the major news outlets. It was reported that the couple had accidently gotten in the way of Mexican drug traffickers while enjoying a day on the lake.

To date the victim's body has not been returned to his family and remains in Mexico.  A deputy assigned to investigate the murder was killed, decapitated and his head returned to the Zapata authorities in a suitcase. 
No arrests have been made as of this date and the wife continues to plead for the return of her husband's remains. Very unnerving.

Our overnight destination on December 13 happened to be Zapata, Texas where we secured our campsite and made small talk with the campground host. Locals and the local authorities have some suspicions of the entire story as told by the young woman.  The campground continues to operate as usual and the campers and local fishermen seem unconcerned about safety while on the lake.

Our campground in Zapata, Texas

This stuff is all along the roadsides.

Typical roadside sights.  Some ranch entrance signs but virtually no homes.

Ranch entry.
A massive show of Border Patrol vehicles are all along all the highways we travel. We see all types of vehicles and armed officers.  Additionally, we see very few campers along the roads here.  We exercise great caution, keeping the doors locked.

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