Monday, December 27, 2010

El Paso, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona

Our original plan to stay over in an El Paso "Resort" campground was dashed when we manuvered the 60' rig through the narrow streets of  the city to find Mission Campground and Resort to be in the worst part of old El Paso.  The full-page, color Woodall's ad boasting all the features, recreation and "Privacy Gate" surely was a bad joke to alot of folks who arrived here tired at the end of a long day.  We didn't stop but made our way back to I-10 and ultimately arriving at the "Mom and Pop" owned El Paso West Campground in Anthony, New Mexico.  It was just about 10 miles west of El Paso and proved to be a pretty good decision.  At least until the bad smell from the many, many dairy cow pens blew our way.  Horror! What an odor! 

The woman here takes in stray cats and there are surely no less than 50 of them on the premises. They roam everywhere. One large cat, called Boots, tries to attack Lexie during our walks and I'm forced to throw rocks at him.  I also fear Lexie will find "kittie cookies" buried in the dust. I've read about a condition... Uck. I can't bear to think about it. Surely she wouldn't... would she?

We stayed on for two nights and drove back into the nicer, newer, western part of El Paso for supplies and a stop at the Petsmart the second day.
Traffic in El Paso

It's just a few miles down the road to the New Mexico state line.

Maybe we can get to Tuscon in time to settle in for Christmas. At least that's the plan.  From our two night stay in Anthony, NM we make short work of the ride into Arizona. The rugged mountains continue along our route, but we're driving on flat terrain.

We've passed many of these signs.
Can you imagine driving through a dust storm?

Long stretches of highway without places to stop.
We keep a close watch on the fuel gauge.

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An Arizona Rest Stop.
At Willcox, Arizona we stop for the evening. We've selected Lifestyle RV Resort for the night.  We certainly don't expect a "resort" but maybe the hot tub they've advertised will be helpful for Wayne's sciatica.

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