Thursday, August 19, 2010

Things We Noticed About Canada

Having spent almost a month traveling through Quebec, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia, we made some observations:
Bicycles - There are lots of seemingly serious cyclists. We've seen them on the highways loaded with backpacks, saddlebags and some even pulling little trailers.
Ice Cream - Called "Dairy Bars" dot the roadways and most of the ones we passed had customers waiting in line.
Patient People - Car horns are seldom used -- even in Quebec City. Drivers seem very considerate.
Church Steeples - I seen so many tall, narrow silver steeples. I took pictures of the first few, but then they became so common to see... We also notices lots of churches with their steeples removed. We don't know why...
Berry Pickers - The first few times we saw people squatted along the roadside, we thought... well you know. Found out they stop along the roadway to pick wild blueberries.
Motorcycles - So many motorcyclists, men and women. Many different styles too. Some that resemble snowmobiles on wheels. Many restaurants and campgrounds display "bikers welcome" signs. We saw one in a campground, pulling a little trailer that opened into a "pop out" tent.
Law Enforcement - Not that we're worried about it, mind you, but we observed very few law enforcement cars in Canada. Don't know why this is either. We did see some Mounted Police in Quebec though.
Grocery - Almost everything costs more in Canada than where we're from. Also of note is that some national brands of foods are different. Example: Quaker Oatmeal Squares are not the same texture or taste.

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