Monday, August 30, 2010

Leaving Shady Oaks Campground

During our time at Shady Oaks we've encountered a few kinks in power and we're unsure what, if anything, is going on between our A/C (shore), inverter and D/C (battery) service. There have been several occasions that presented "Internal Fault" or "A/C Overload" signals on the energy management system. There was some talk that our site had been problematic for the previous large coach.  We're wondering whether we should go directly to a dealer, make a technical call or just go on and see if it happens at another campground. Neither of us has any understanding of the complexities of power and the energy managent system onboard Mona is much more in-depth to our electrical needs.... Oh what to do.....?

After several telephone calls, beginning with Cullum-Maxey in Nashville for advice, we decided to go to Brewer, Maine where Holden Family RV says they can diagnose the problem.  Once there, they checked the batteries and find no problem.  The inverter seems to be charging the batteries properly. 

This is the look Wayne gives when he's really annoyed with me for taking pictures.
He is also really annoyed that Mona is not operating perfectly. 
 There is no charge for the battery check and we left the Brewer/Bangor area around 1 p.m.  We only got as far as Newport, however before stopping for groceries. We decided to stay at Christies Campground here in Newport for the night. It's a pretty nice little, locally owned campground along a nice, tree-lined lake (who's name I don't know).  The sites are grassy and there are some trees to shade most of them. The 1/2 mile road coming into the campground is dusty though, so we got the car and coach really dirty. 

The weather in this part of Maine has been really hot yesterday and today. Probably close to 90 degrees. Wayne and I are ready for some more cool air.

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