Sunday, August 15, 2010

Camp Au Jardin at La Baie, Quebec

July 16 and 17 we stayed in an activity filled family campground in the small town of La Baie along the river. Two young ladies (kids, really) assigned us to a site in one corner of the campground. A permanently attached firepit and some poorly placed trees caused a great deal of parking trouble but with a little southern inguinity, we managed to get 40' of motorhome parked with the help of some good neighbors. We find we are continuing to pay for ammenities that are of no interest to us. This campground has a huge pool, mini-golf, playground, billiard and game room, bingo and live music on Saturday night. A spaghetti supper would be served too. We did not indulge. Kids and dogs are everywhere, bicycles in every direction. We met a terrific couple from farther up the north shore and enjoyed visiting with them. Norman worked on the railroad for 35 years and Mary Anne, his wife gave me a receipe for smoked fish. She gave us a sampling of her smoked trout and it was delicious. She marinates the filet for 15 minutes in rum and then packs in in a brine solution of 50% brown sugar for 12 hours before smoking it. Delicious but I'd have to buy a smoker and that's just not happening. We stayed here for the two weekend nights, Friday and Saturday, and took a day trip to Lake Saint Jean. We were thinking of traveling here for a week-long stop, but couldn't find a campground that suited us. On Sunday, we would, instead, backgrack to Quebec City, cross the river and move east along the southern shore of the St. Lawrence... Here is a link to some of the pictures:
July 16-17, 2010 To LaBaie and Lac St Jean Quebec

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