Saturday, August 21, 2010

Penobsquis and St. John New Brunswick

The smell of a nearby pig farm made a pungent smell at Three Bears Campground in Penobsquis but we rested well that night and rose early to make our way five miles down the road to Doug's Campers where the campground owners, Wayne and Steve, thought we might get a remedy to the slide awning problem. Mrs. Doug, however, referred us to LeisureTime Service Center and Camper Sales at Hampton and we got underway immediately. While repairs were being made we had lunch and did our laundry at at whopping $28! Yikes. By about 4 p.m. we were underway again and headed to St. John where we planned to stop at Rockwood Campground overnight. It's been rainy all day and a heavy fog rolled in after dark at Rockwood Campground, followed by a tremendous thunderstorm overnight. The next morning, water was standing about 3" deep all around, except the rise in the gravel where Mona was parked. We pulled out early to get back into the US for the night.

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