Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Can You Say "Mooselookmeguntic"?

Mountain View Campground in Dixfield, Maine
 Tonight we're at Mountain View Campground in Dixfield, Maine. We'll spend two nights here and take day trip past Elephant Mountain and Mooselookmeguntic Lake to Rangeley where we've been told we'll see beautiful Western Maine and my most favored desire -- MOOSE! Our neighbor here at the campground is 91 years old and she's told us all about the many moose she's seen there.  Twenty-six on a recent trip! She suggested we go on up to Stratton (where we'll be less than 50 miles from the Canadian border again) and then over to Sugarloaf Mountain.

Not the best example of the house/barn structures, but you get the idea...

View from our coach window

The drive here today from Newport brought to mind an observation about the houses we're seeing.  It's most unusual for us, as southerners, to see houses, workshops and barns connected, but it is a common sight here.  It stands to reason they would build them that way because of the harsh winters.  Another thing I've noticed is the ornate wood trimmings (along with the strong color combinations) on the older homes.  Still seeing a lot of "shake" siding homes too.  Also in this area and up toward Rangeley, there are lots of "camps" and small "A" frame houses.

Our ride to Rangeley and Mooselookmeguntic Lakes proved dissappointing as there really wasn't much to see except the lake view from the shore at Rangeley where we ate lunch at a city park and made friends with a half-dozen ducks who "pooped" all over the place. They were just too friendly. Adding to the dissappointment  -- NO MOOSE.

Yup. That's a pile of duck poop.

It's been hot again today, in the high 80's but leaves are already starting to turn. The shade is nice though and the nights are cool.  When the sun sets, the temperature falls quickly.  We're also seeing large red apples hanging from trees along the roadside -- guess fall is on the way. 

Time out for a swim.

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