Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Cape Lumier, Richibucto Village, New Brunswick

On July 21 we traveled south into New Brunswick. I've been patiently watching to see live bears and moose while we ride. I've seen lots of signs identifying certain road sections as crossings for them. Suddenly I caught a glimpse of the upper part of a standing bear in a field just off to my right. He had a beautiful black coat and was standing upright! And then in another heartbeat he was out of sight!

It's been much cooler since we left Quebec and the days are warm and sunny now, but not hot.

We arrived at Cape Lumiere Campground along the New Brunswick shore in early afternoon of July 21. Across the Northunberland Strait we can see Prince Edward Island. The campground is small and without amenities, but our site is near the water and the Cape Lumiere lighthouse. Almost everything here is bilingual so we're better able to communicate. The afternoon we arrived we met our neighbors, Duncan and Rita Smith, from Irricana, Alberta. They have been full-timing in their Newmar motorcoach for 18 months and have traveled as far south as the Panama Canal and as far north as Newfoundland and Labrador. We enjoyed our visits with them for two days before they pulled out for Nova Scotia. Our plan is to stay on at this campground for a few days.

This is the area near where my Father grew up and the many thoughts about him make me happy and sad.

Until we arrived here, our camping fee budget was exceeded, but the rate here is low enough to bring the monthly average down quite a bit and we get one night free too. Only one problem: Giant black mosquitos and horseflies. The mosquitos are relentless. Wayne is always a favorite mosquito target and they feast on him here. They even grab on to our legs and ankles while we're riding bicycles!
Here are some pictures we took while in the area:
July 21-23, 2010 Cape Lumiere - Richibucto Village, NB

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