Saturday, August 21, 2010

From Nova Scotia to Indian Harbor, Nova Scotia

On the morning of Friday, August 6, we left Englishtown Ridge enroute to the Halifax area where we wanted to see the capitol city and the Peggy's Cove and surrounding areas. The ride was pleasant and we arrived at our new destination, King Neptune Campground at Indian Harbor, Nova Scotia. It's only about 5 miles from Peggy's Cove. The campground is rather dumpy, rustic and sits right on the water's edge. A great fog rolled in at about the same time as we began setting up camp and it was an interesting experience. We could hear the bells on the buoys out in the water. The fog disapated after a short while and the sun reappeared in time for a nice orange glow sunset.

We took a ride to Peggy's Cove to see the most photographed lighthouse and city in Canada. Along the way we stopped to see a memorial that's been placed along the rocky shore in honor of the SwissAir Flight #111 air crash and I've posted some pictures of it here.

The next day we took a ride into Halifax and saw the port, headquarters of the eastern division of the Canadian Navy and then went into Peninsula Park.

We stayed two nights at King Neptune. Being out of the country for such a long time has made us both a little worried that we need to tend to some personal business and retrieve our mail so we've decided to drive into Maine at least for a while.

While driving through Nova Scotia we began hearing noises outside the coach and we found the slide cover problem had returned. Alongside the highway, Wayne climed onto the ladder to try to remedy it, but couldn't get a fix that was satisfactory. We made our way, slowly, on into Penobsquis, N.B. where we set up camp for one night at Three Bears Campground. The co-owners of the campground were helpful in getting the slide cover canvas rolled in well enough to get it to the nearest RV service center, located just beyond Hampton, along the way to St. John.

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