Saturday, September 29, 2012

Becoming South Dakotans

It's officially official. We're South Dakotans. We have a South Dakota mailing and residential address. We have South Dakota drivers licensees, tags for our cars and a lovely hometown: Madison.  It even sounds "homey".  We also have cast our South Dakota absentee votes for the upcoming elections because we'll be leaving our hometown for an extended trip cross country any day now.

Here are some factoids about our new home state --
  • It's named for Lakota and Dakota Sioux American Indians
  • The capitol is Pierre
  • It's population is fewer than 1 million (824,082 + 2 + 824,084)
  • The state flower is the American Pasque Flower
  • It is the 40th state to join the Union
  • The largest city is Sioux Falls
  • The state nickname is "The Mount Rushmore State"
  • And the state motto is - "Under God, the people rule"

Here's a picture of our new residence

Here's a picture of Teri. She works for us -- and for about 3,000 other fun-loving, full-time RVing South Dakotans.

And here are a couple of pictures of our new South Dakota hometown, Madison.
Our town's old train depot

Our town's water tower.
If you get a chance to visit Madison, we hope you'll drop in to see us.  If we're not here, just make yourself at home. 

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  1. Love y'alls new home. With only 3 people and 2 Maltese there it must be pretty homey like you said. Thanks for the invite.....but think we'll wait til y'all are at home before just dropping in. Me