Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Bayer K9 Advantix II: Killer Flea Prevention

A healthy Ozzie on the beach two months ago.
I treated Ozzie, our healthy Maltese male (6 yrs, 9 pounds) for fleas/ticks two days ago with Bayer K-9 Advantix II.  Several days earlier, I had used the last vial of our old flea treatment (Bayer Advantage) on Lexie. Today Ozzie is suffering severe violent trembling reaction to the Bayer K-9 Advantix II.

The active ingredient in K9 Advantix II is Permethrin 44.00%.  Internet research has convinced me that  Permethrin is very dangerous, especially to small light skinned dogs. Bayer acknowledged this to the vet who is treating our Ozzie. Permethrin is also used on bovine and severe reactions have been recorded in white cattle.

There is no antidote to Permethrin poisoning. The only thing to be done seems to be bathing the treated pet in oil dissolving dishwashing liquid (like Dawn) and massive water rinsing. This is what we did for Ozzie.  And we continue to hold him during his violent trembling episodes.  Today Ozzie continues to tremble, but is drinking, eating, urinating and defecating.

My advice, and I hope you will share this information: Do not use any flea treatment containing PERMETHRIN on ANY small light colored dog.

Our Ozzie should be okay, but we might easily have lost him.  My new mission is to spread the word about this horrible product.  Shame on you Bayer for marketing this deadly product to pet owners.

  • Fourth Morning Update:  Ozzie seems to be getting better with each day but still is having espisodes of trembling.  I'm so angry at Bayer.
  • Fifth Morning Update: This day is beginning like the previous four even though Ozzie showed great signs of improvement last evening.  At the moment he's still trembling and afraid. He is resting in my lap. He's not eating or drinking very much.  The mornings seem worse than the other times of day.
Monday morning, the eighth day after the application of Advantix, Ozzie appears to have returned to his normal, bouncy, happy, bone-chewing, toy-fetching self.  This is the first morning we've not had terrible trembling.   It's good to have our boy back!


  1. Hi guys! I love your blog. I am a 50 yr old female long-haul truck driver, started this 6 yrs ago as a semi-retirement job as I knew I would never be able to save the $$$ you guys obviously have! So far I've been everywhere except Newfoundland and Alaska. Love the WY/SD area you are currently in. Love Hwy 14. Your pics and blogs give me an opportunity to see things I can't with a 75' commercial vehicle! As an aside, I travel with my 5 yr old rescue Gordon Setter who gets lots and lots of hikes and walks. I've used Advantix II on him for 3 yrs and it's been awesome. He is a tick magnet! I also use Permethrin in the truck and on my own clothing. I couldn't live without it, the alternative tick-borne-diseases are just too scarey. I have heard of individual bad reactions but I think that's true for many pharmaceuticals. My thoughts are with Ozzie and hope he recovers okay. Cooper sends sniffs and licks! Trish from Canada

    1. Trish, your life on the road sounds like a great adventure. Like you, we've not been to Newfoundland or Alaska or many other provinces and states. We're having a great time and love sharing it with folks like you. I saw Cooper's picture -- a handsome dude. With regard to the permethrin, seems the worst reactions are on light colored, fair skinned dogs. Ozzie has pink skin under his white curls. I guess my "beef" with Bayer is that they don't put a warning for those who are especially vulnerable (small, white). Please stay in touch and maybe our paths will cross along the road someday! Ozzie (and Lexie) return sniffs and licks to you both!