Saturday, September 8, 2012

Sundance. Where The Festival Isn't

Sundance, Wyoming is a small, sleepy, western town tucked in the shadow of Sundance Mountain --not too far from the Black Hills. The town is steeped in western lore and it's been said that Native American tribes first sun-danced on the mountain here and that's why it has this name.  

The legendary Sundance Kit took his name from the town after spending 18 months in jail for stealing a horse, a gun and a saddle from a nearby ranch (that's still here).

Note.  Sundance, Wyoming is not where the Sundance Film Festival is held.  

Wayne holding Lexie,
Harry Longabaugh, seated in the corner, and
Me holding Ozzie.
About the photo above and the reason I'm squatted while Wayne is seated:  The camera is attached to the tripod that's precariously perched on the steps below the statue.  Because Wayne can't see the little buttons on the camera, I'm the photographer.  I frame the picture, set the timer and run to get into the picture.  All that with Ozzie under one arm.  Gee, I'm multi-tasking again.

We've stopped here in Sundance for a few days to see Devils Tower, an attraction of great interest to me and of little interest to Wayne -- but he's happy to take me to see it.  Hope you'll join us there.

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