Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Getting To Know Our New Home -- With Good Friends

After careful deliberation and consultation, South Dakota shall become the lucky state upon which Wayne and I shall bestow our permanent residency!  Lots of considerations but let's just say, we chose the state and we're happy with the decision.

Everybody has to make their own choices so please don't send comments about what we should or should not have done in this regard. 

We're spending a few weeks at Broken Arrow Campground in the Black Hills near Custer, South Dakota to finalize some of residency matters.  The second week of our stay here, we were joined by our good friends, Marcella, Landon and BJ their wonder beagle.

Marcella and me -- "horsin' around"
The wagon was under siege by the two violent Indians behind us.
BJ (the wonder beagle) is showing signs of fear. 
Wildlife in this area is abundant and deer virtually take the place at night.  Broken Arrow Campground is a horse camp and I suppose that's an open invitation to the deer as I'm sure they enjoy morsels of horse feed that drop outside the stalls.  Fresh evidence of the deer snooping around the coach every night is easily found every morning.

I know my blog readers appreciate all the photos of animal droppings.

The second night after Marcella and Landon arrived, we enjoyed a steak dinner at our place.  It would be the first time we've eaten inside the new coach with guests and the extra seats were not too uncomfortable.   Good food and friends.

Nothing better than a grilled steak, baked potato and friends.
Until now, we've had warm (almost hot) days and cool nights.  Seems a cool spell has moved in as the daytime temperatures are cooler now.   Could an early fall be in the making? 

Marcella, Landon and BJ
That's Lexie in the corner. Ozzie is just out of the frame.

Our rendezvous with Marcella and Landon will be the third one we've managed since we met them during the winter of 2011.   We'll visit the natural attractions in this area before we continue our move to the southeast and our friends move to the southwest for winter.

Tag along with us for a few days and enjoy the sights.....

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