Thursday, March 15, 2012

Visiting Winter Haven: Another Past Residence

Wintering in south Florida without advance campground reservations is not easy. We learned this the hard way and we've not been able to enjoy our time here as much as we would have liked. We did find a campground that could accommodate us in Winter Haven. It's an old crusty park named Hammondell Campsites and it's not far from the new Legoland Park, which we WILL NOT visit --- thank you very much.

Most of the seasonal units here should be condemned and the grounds leave a lot to be desired. Here are a few photos of our surroundings...
A typical unit at Hammondell Campsites.
View out our dining area window.

Most of the residents here seem to be long term visitors who know one another and have serious three-wheel bike riding in common.  Take a look...
They appear to "race" in slow motion every afternoon.  All old guys.

Contemplating their race strategy.

Look at the guy in the lead... on the right.
That's some comfy seat, eh?

Somebody said "happy hour"!

Winter Have is another familiar city to us and we lived here for a short time way back in the 1980's.  Our rented condo was still there, painted the same horrible two tones of brown and really showing it's age.
This is our old condo. It look exactly the same (shrub and all) when we lived there.
It was 25 years newer then!

The community entrance looks the same too.
We drove by the bank building where Wayne worked. It's now a BB and T office. It's been remodeled but was not changed too much for us to recognize. 
This was an NCNB office in the 1980's.

There has been no change in my "new coach fever" yet. I spend several hours a day looking at possible deals with a floor plan we like.  One keeps coming back as a favorite for me.  It's a new 2011 Holiday Rambler Endeavor 43DFT that's located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The floorplan is the same as the new 2012's we saw (and loved) at the Tampa and Ft Myers RV Shows. 

We drove to Orlando to see the Newmar products but didn't find one that we loved.  I think we're inching our way toward Louisiana when we leave here.

Our stay in Winter Haven was a little short of one week.  In the end we sent a deposit to hold the Endeavor in Baton Rouge 'till we get there. I've found the online brochure and found it highlights the very same unit and color scheme.  By now, Wayne's falling in love with it too.  Here's a link to the brochure which I've added to my "favorites" file.....

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