Thursday, March 29, 2012

Lexie's Sand Spur Injury: Follow-up

Ozzie on the left, Lexie on the right.
On Tuesday while the final work was being done on the new motorcoach Wayne, Ozzie and I took Lexie to another vet to have her foot checked again.

The sand spur injury she received in Ft. Pierce seemed to finally heal but left her licking the top of the paw where the skin broke to release the fluids.  Unable to keep her from licking it, I am convinced we need to put one of those horrible plastic funnel-shaped collars around her neck for a few days so the wound can heal. Wayne cannot stand the thought of putting her little head into the plastic collar. 

Wayne has become quite the advocate for Lexie and Ozzie.  Last weekend, as a matter of fact, we bought a medium sized crate for the two of them to sleep in together. This was the second time we went to Petsmart to buy the crate. The first time, we left without the crate as Wayne easily talked himself out of it. He thinks it's  cruel for them to sleep in a crate.  Meanwhile, Ozzie's early morning (4 a.m. I'm talking here) pee-pees continued. He wakes up and gets all excited for us to pick him up and put him in the bed.  He wakes Lexie up too -- so we're all four wide awake long before sunrise everyday.  But on the second trip, we did choose a nice crate that easily will accommodate both of them. They love it and go into it readily when Wayne announces "time for nite-nite"

Anyway, I've gone off on another story.  Let me refocus on today's visit to the vet.

We came upon a Petsmart store that included one of the Banfield Animal Clinics while we were looking around for some new throw rugs at the nearby Target. On inquiry, I was told to bring her in immediately and the vet could see her. I was also given a complimentary office visit coupon. I returned to the car, gathered up the gang and returned to the clinic desk.

Because we've had some concerns over Ozzie's urine stream, we asked if we could get the vet to make an examination of him too. Our request was granted, of course. 

In the end, the vet prescribed a round of steroids, Nystatin cream and Yuck gel for Lexie's foot. Yuck  a product suppose to taste so bad dogs will stop licking when you put it around the affected area.  The vet also removed the small cyst from behind her right ear.I'll apply Neosporin to the area twice a day for a while.

For Ozzie, his urine stream is likely nothing to worry about. His early morning accidents are likely due to excitement because he loves to get into the bed with us and is anxious to be picked up.

That evening, I reconsidered the steroids for Lexie and opted to leave them off. I so much dislike the idea of steroids and antibiotics.  We applied the Nystatin and put Yuck around the medicine.  Lexie licked it off. Yes, she licked the Yuck and the Nystatin right off that little foot.  That's some incredible dog ... our little Lexie. 

Not sure what we'll do next as Wayne absolutely refuses to put that plastic collar 'round her neck. 

After a day or so more, it looks like the spot might be getting better anyway. I'm applying the Yuck gel a bit heavier and I've kept her busy with other things so she doesn't have as many opportunities to lick.

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