Friday, March 16, 2012

Lexie's Sand Spur Injury

Lexie stepped on one of those horribly sharp spurs one afternoon while we were at the campground in Ft. Pierce. Wayne held her while I pulled the bugger out of her right front paw.  We didn't give it much more thought and her gait seemed fine.
But apparently Lexie's foot was not okay. A few days into our visit to Baton Rouge we noticed that her right paw was showing some pink on top and her little toenails were spread out. Closer inspection proved that her paw pad was inflamed even though she wasn't limping. 

A visit to a nearby vet resulted in a 14 day supply of antibiotic and pain/anti-inflammatory medications to treat her infected paw. 

Her little foot got worse before it got better but just before we were prepared to return to the vet, the infected place broke open, ran and began to show signs of improvement.  

We are about mid-way through the second week of antibiotics and even though her foot is still a little pink on top, it is well on the way to recover, I'm happy to say.

Ozzie and Lexie (R).  A nice big yawn ends with a big lick!
A little pink can be seen on her right front foot.

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