Monday, March 19, 2012

Houmas House On River Road in Burnside, Louisiana

Houmas House Plantation and Gardens
Houmas House as it looks today.
Houmas House Plantation and Gardens, often called The Sugar Palace, calls itself the crown jewel of Louisiana's  River Road. It's one of the South's oldest and most beautiful plantation estates.
Plantation Entrance off River Road

A view of Houmas House through the front garden.

We visited Houmas House on Sunday. The gift shop was among the most colorful and festive places I've ever seen and I couldn't resist snapping some of the bling... 

Wayne looks through the literature... I'm captivated by the color and sparkle.

Many glitzy and weird Mardi Gras items available to purchase...

Thousands of glittering ornaments for sale.  Not cheap.

These are "Doll Lady" handmade dolls. 
Genuine "Doll Ladies" are sold exclusively through area plantation home gift shops. Also not cheap.

With temperatures in the 80's, the breeze in the tree filled yard kept the temperature much cooler for our stroll. As usual, I checked to see if strollers were allowed and then proceeded to bring Lexie and Ozzie along for a ride.

The side yard.

The grounds held some of the most beautiful Live Oak I've ever seen.

Wade Hampton, the largest sugar producer in Louisiana and the largest slave holder in the South, built Houmas House in the late 1820's. It is one of the first great columned mansions of the Mississippi River. The name comes from the Houma Indians who were the first owners of this land. Sadly, there's not much more than a hint of reference to them here now.
Pop takes a turn strolling the furkids.

Another favorite of today's pictures.

Several buildings are located on the grounds.  The one behind me is a tiny tavern.
The huge tree limb makes an arch over the walkway.
John Burnside purchased Houmas House in 1858 and began accumulating sugar cane plantations and became the largest sugar planter in America with over 300,000 acres of crop.

The two story building on the back of the home was the first structure to be built on the property.
Here, I'm standing under a huge wisteria archway.

This vine covered walkway provided a nice cool and shady stroll.

This one was taken along the side of the house. The rust colored building is the old one.

While the Japanese garden was nice, it didn't seem to fit.
I don't know why they have included this on the property.

Leaving the mansion gardens...

One last photo among the roses and azaleas.

Houmas House was the setting in "Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte" starring Bette Davis.

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