Friday, March 16, 2012

The Big Deal At The Red Stick: The Checkbook Opens...

We always name our cars. We name our motorhomes (and other campers) too.  We've had BB, The Grey Ghost, Goldie, Birdie, Big and Little Whitey, Rocky, Evie, Mona and now we'll call the new coach Endie -- short for Endeavor.

Our drive from Winter Haven, Florida to Baton Rouge was made in just two days. We spent the first night at Walmart in Pensacola, Florida and the next at Walmart in Baton Rouge.  We arrived at the RV Shop in Baton Rouge by 9 a.m. Tuesday morning to meet Al, the salesman with whom I'd been in communication. The trade agreement we've reached via email was fair and unless the coach proved to be a huge disapointment, we'd make the trade.  We were, however, both a little sentimental about trading Mona away as she really made a good home for us.

Here are some exterior views of the Endeavor:
2011 Holiday Rambler Endeavor 43DFT

Road side

Because it's a 2011 model, the engine will not require the urea additive now mandated by EPA regulations.  This model also used up the final supply of Cummins engines available to Monaco Coaches (builder of Holiday Rambler). Navistar has begun using their own MaxxForce engine as of 2012. Wayne likes the Cummins engine and didn't want to buy the first edition of a new engine brand. This model doesn't have Aqua Hot, which we would have liked, but we won't miss something we've never had.

Inside the coach was as near perfect as we could have asked. It has tile floors throughout, something we wanted and it isn't easy to find. The coach does not have a fireplace but one can be added and we've negotiated that, along with the installation of a satellite dish, in our trade. Interestingly, the cabinetry in the Endeavor is the same Newport Cherry as in Mona and the dealers has agreed to move our desk from Mona into the new coach. The existing sofa will be removed and left with the RV Shop for their use either in the resale of Mona or another unit. The Corian countertop on the desk pieces is a different pattern so a local cabinetmaker will build a new top for the desk set to make a seamless look throughout the coach.  Here's a few photos inside...
The eating area has a nice wide credenza that houses a laptop drawer.

The road side sofa will come out. In it's place we'll put the desk we had built last year for Mona.
 Only the Corian desk top will need to be changed.  Hooray! 
Wayne will keep his Ekornes StressLess chair at the desk.

The electric fireplace will be installed under this HUGE  TV.

We will sleep, for the first time, in a king size bed.

The trade transaction, installation of the satellite and subsequent move of all our belongings out of Mona and into Endie (the name we've given her) took 3-1/2 days. We stayed overnight in the RV Shop parking lot three nights in Mona and then Friday night in Endie.  Saturday afternoon we left the RV Shop property for a week at a nearby campground where we'll wait for the new Corian desktop and the fireplace to be made ready for installation.

The RV Shop is on the Choctaw Road Extension. It's a family owned and operated business.

Some of the inventory at The RV Shop in Baton Rouge

Inside The RV Shop one can find lots of LSU tailgating equipment.

Gerald Vince is a hands-on Monaco dealership owner.
This day he was dusty getting our wood cabinet stain "just right".

Josh did the satellite wiring.

A close-up look at the intricate wiring Josh is doing.

Wayne couldn't resist hopping onto the golf cart.

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