Sunday, August 14, 2011

West Glacier With Friends

Montana's Glacier National Park and Alberta's Waterton Lakes National Park meet at the border between the US and Canada. The parks were joined to designated the world's first International Peace Park to commemorate the bond of peace and friendship between the two countries.

Well of course, we'll just need to take a look at Glacier.

We met our friends, Ray and Cindy at the town of West Glacier with a plan to visit Glacier National Park the next day.
Ray and Cindy in front of their coach.
Unfortunately, their dog, Angel, isn't in the picture.

Another great thing about full-time RVing is getting to meet so many people along the way.  This weekend we met Dan and Sheila who had met Ray and Cindy just the month before and traveled with them to Glacier from Michigan.  It was easy to see how they teamed up -- terrific people in love with travel. 

Dan and Sheila.
They have a Monaco too.  Theirs is a Windsor.
Both are good sports and lots of  fun.

Going-To-The-Sun Road is the main road in Glacier National Park and it runs across the center of the park.  This morning's excursion would take us around Glacier on the southern loop and back along Going-To-The-Sun Road in order to save the best scenery for the last half of the trip.

Scenery along the way.
Farmland, hayfield, mountains and forest.
Gateway into Glacier National Park from the eastern side.
These old limousines carry tourists around the park.
They have been refurbished by Ford Motor Company and run on propane.
At the very first stop, Ray had a BUG attack.
Ray is a little stressed over that bug.
The terrain is changing all the time...

Still pretty close to the Canadian border.

We've been seeing signs warning of "Range Cattle" ----
I suppose that would be these cows, roaming around the roadside.
Still more signs of wildfires.

...along the road
This is a group of crazy tourists.
Now who goes first and who will take our picture?
Ray and Cindy being photographed by Sheila
Shelia and Dan being photographed by Cindy

All three couples take turns in front of the park sign.
So touristy. Our turn.  They say I must remove my hat. But I have "hat head".
St. Mary Lake
We stopped to check St. Mary Lake and I'm sure we took 100 pictures between us. Here are some of mine...
Wayne doing an Indian war dance -- just to get attention.
Wayne threatens to dive into the frigid water.
So Wayne didn't jump after all.
He gave us all a lecture instead.
Ray pretends to listen.
I think Dan is dialing 911 for medical advice.
Cindy wants attention too so she threatens to jump... says Ray doesn't pay enough attention to her.

Ray promises to buy her some nice gold jewelry if she will get off the edge of the cliff.
Notice her big smile. The plan worked.
Wayne is happy; he's been effective in helping Cindy get new jewelry.
Forgot the name of this really pretty spot.  "something" island.

Waterfalls never look as good in the pictures as they should.
This one was really pretty but not so much in the photo.

Three unwise men.
Telling lies... again.

Continental Divide again. This time at Logan Pass.
This is another of those big white mountain goats that have suction cup type hooves.
They are related to the Asian Antelope, I read. This fellow didn't seem to notice the cars passing.

See the red limousine and the itsy bitsy cars?

never stop talking... no matter what...never stop talking

There's a great deal of roadwork being done in the park and there were several places where only one car could pass at at time. 
Excuse me

Cindy with her arm (and camera) out the window.

Our last stop was at this beautiful watering hole.
Some people were swimming in it.  Idiots.  
That water is COLD.

We were back at the campground by early afternoon and Wayne had time to clean some of the zillions of bugs off Mona's windshield.

Ray, Cindy, Dan and Sheila have scheduled themselves for a rafting trip tomorrow afternoon. We decided against going as we're planning to move along tomorrow morning. 

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