Friday, August 5, 2011

A Very Full Day in Vancouver!

"If you have just one day to spend in Vancouver, British Columbia," says the lady at the Visitors Center, "you'll want to see Stanley Park, Gastown and Canada Place and Granville Island."  We did all that and enjoyed seeing the heart of downtown Vancouver, famous bridges and some Olympic memorabilia as well. 

The drive into Vancouver itself took much longer than we expected.  Stanley Island is at the far end of the downtown area and we would work our way back from there.

Wayne and I both love large metropolitan cities and we gawked uncontrollably at the huge, beautiful buildings.  Vancouver reminded us both of New York City, but with many more residential high rise buildings.  Someone told us the prices start at about $1 million. 
The residential sections

Stanley Park
Stanley Park is similar to Central Park in New York. A scenic drive and bicycle path loops all the way around with views across the water in all directions. We ate lunch and enjoyed the views.
There's nearly 14 miles of seawall around Stanley Island.
And a bunch of Canadian Geese.

Stanley Park flower garden
Lions Gate Bridge is at the northern tip of Stanley Island and connects to North Vancouver. The Guinness beer family from Ireland had the Lions Gate bridge built in 1938 as a means to reach land they had purchased on the north shore.
Lions Gate Bridge
Wayne watching the seaplanes take off and land.  Canada Place is in the background. 
The Yacht Club

 Brockton Point Lighthouse
Decommissioned in 2005

Looking across into North Vancouver

Five Sails and Canada Place
The popular Five Sails of Canada Place are a well-known sight. They welcome visitors and cruise ship passengers to Vancouver's downtown harbor front.  We strolled and enjoyed the glorious weather.
Five Sails at Canada Place view from Stanley Park
A cruise ship is docked on the other side.

BTW...Vancouver touts itself as the world's most dog friendly city. 

Along the sidewalk at Five Sails

A large cruise ship is to the left. Five Sails can been seen behind Wayne.

The huge cruise ship is to the left.

Lexie's short legs get tired easily so she sometimes rides in her "Outward Hound" and I do the walking.
The 2010 Vancouver Olympic Flame is permanently located near Canada Place. We stumbled upon it quite by accident. 

Historic Gastown
Just below Canada Place is the oldest part of Vancouver: Gastown. The story goes like this:  In 1867, John Deighton, known as "Gassy Jack" (don't know why, but can only guess) announces that he'll serve free whiskey to all millworkers who build a saloon for him.  The millworkers built a saloon for Gassy Jack in one day. Gastown is named for him. 
Entry to Gastown

The famous steam engine clock was built in 1977. It was the first steam clock.

Gastown streets

Canadian Pacific Railway Building

Granville Island
Brewery, hotel, market, museum, shops, food, street vendors and other touristy things are situated on this island within the city of Vancouver.  We spent a little time here too before heading back to the campground in Surrey.
View of the Burrard Street Bridge.
Vancouver downtown to the right.

Wayne going into the market

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