Thursday, August 4, 2011

Into British Columbia

August 4th. The day finally came when we'd cross into Canada at British Columbia. Yet another area neither of us has ever seen.

We're heading to Surrey, where our campground at Hazelmere is not too far from Vancouver for a nice day trip, but far away enough to avoid the high costs.  Everything in Canada is more costly than we're accustomed.  Hazelmere Campground is huge but has a cozy atmosphere and we like it.
Our campsite at Hazelmere in Surrey, BC.
Sunny days, cool nights.  Perfect.
Driving Big Mona into the Maritime Provinces last year, we mistakenly got outselves into the "BUS" line and that seemed to have been the Error of the Year for the Canadian border guard who finally permitted passage along with a lecture that we must always be in the "CAR" line.   This year we pulled into the CAR line and made our way into the very narrow booth lane where we were questioned. We were required this year to have the coach inspected. Our delay was less than 15 minutes and then, we were, once again, on our way.

The US/Canadian Pacific Coast Border Crossing Station

Just across the Canadian border in British Columbia, the small coastal village of White Rock sits high above the Strait of Georgia. After check-in at the campground, we drove the car northwest up the main coastal drive through the city. Because we were driving directly into the late afternoon sun, we were unable to get photos of this beautiful place or nearby Semiahmoo Bay. White Rock's name comes from the giant, 486 ton granite boulder that sits on the shore. Sorry, no pictures of the rock either.
At the Surrey Visitor Center

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