Friday, August 26, 2011

How To Save The United States Postal Service

A good deal of our travel is along state and federal highways. We prefer it over the interstate system. We like the towns and the people in them. One of our favorite pastimes is to take note of the population numbers in some of the small towns through which we drive. 

We've begun to notice something that disturbs me:  Without fail, all these little towns have a post office.  More times than not the Post Office is the finest building in the town.  Does every little town, particularly those with fewer than 100 people really need to have a post office?  Every post office building costs some about of money to operate.  The expense of electricity, water, sewer, insurance, personnel, maintenance, equipment and so forth for each of these tiny buildings could certainly be used somewhere else in the postal system deficit.

I'm just saying..... it's worth considering. 

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